Has the time come for you to tell your story?

Whether that is a memoir, business book, family history, or other project, I can help you make that happen.

I have worked with many major publishers, written over 30 books, and ghosted numerous Sunday Times bestsellers.  If we work together, we can create the best possible version of your story. I will write your story the way you need it to be written – and who knows what impact that might have on the rest of your life?

I can transform your ideas and thoughts into a story that works.  I can take all those little notes and scraps of paper that you’ve been jotting down for months or years, and find a structure.  That structure then becomes your calling card to the world. It says who you are, whether on a personal or business level.

It is an investment and it is an achievement

It means you can finally say . . . you did it!

I know a lot of people desperately want to tell their story but they often just don’t know where to start.

Perhaps you have a great idea, you discovered something, or you have the solution that other people are searching for.  You want to have your life recorded, and you’ve thought about it for quite some time. Maybe you want to leave a legacy, or let your children and your grandchildren know what you achieved.  Could it be that you just want to write down what you’ve been through or how you got to this point in life?

You keep meaning to do it, but it hasn’t happened yet.  It’s probably preying on your mind, niggling at you as something that you’ll do one day, but one day hasn’t happened yet.

We can change that now.

“Linda was very easy to work with, understanding that there were aspects of my story that took time to tell, that there were moments when I needed some space to think over what has gone on in my life.  She allowed me the opportunity to tell my story in the way I wanted it told, but she also brought a structure to it that I appreciated and that gave me the chance to say so much more than I’ve ever said before.  Linda seemed to ‘get’ from the start that I was more than my headlines, more than the image the public has of me – I’ve been able to say who I am, in my words, with just a little gentle guidance along the way!”

Sara Payne

‘Letters to Sarah’

“When I decided to tell my story, I instantly thought about Linda as I knew her to be a sensitive and honest person. I thought it was going to be difficult but I found that Linda made the whole process easy and straightforward. Not only was she sensitive and honest but she was caring, good-humoured and professional. She is also an excellent writer! I would definitely recommend Linda to anyone in need of a ghost writer.”

Laurie Matthew


“They say there is a book in all of us waiting to come out – well, if you feel like you’re ready to take that step but want someone to help you who knows their stuff and can take the hassle out of it, then you need Linda!  She is amazing to work with and always patient.
She gets the job done and the most amazing part is, she has an art of being able to put it into your own words so well that it’s like magic. She is a sheer genius and I would recommend her to anyone who is taking their first steps on the path of being an author.”

Joan Charles

‘An Angel Walked Beside Me’

“Working with Linda on my book has been such a wonderful journey.There were difficult times revisiting old memories but Linda was very understanding and supportive, very patient and friendly.I found it quite healing to know that so many people are reading my story and it’s actually given me hope in a kind of odd way. I am doing so much better in myself since writing the book and I know that it’ll help many girls and women who have experienced the same thing as I did and possibly even prevent it happening to others. None of that would have been possible without Linda. If you’re looking for a ghostwriter I really do recommend her. I am so so glad I had the privilege of us working together. I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better ghostwriter.”

Caitlin Spencer

‘Please, Let Me Go’